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A big screen under the stars; the Villette Outdoor Film Festival

Categories : Events, published on : 6/5/19

Paris is on summer time and there’s a real holiday ambiance pervading the city. Many outdoor events are organised at this time of year, including the famous Paris Plage celebration of the pleasures of the seaside. However, there is one event that your Hotel Les Plumes team particularly loves; the Festival Cinéma en Plein Air de la Villette (Villette Outdoor Film Festival).


Outdoor cinema at La Villette; a fun-filled festival

Imagine a huge lawn under the stars, just ten minutes from the centre of Paris, and hundreds of spectators settled for a family-friendly or romantic picnic. For additional comfort, some rent deck chairs made available by the festival organisers. Finally, the sun goes down, darkness descends, and the huge inflatable screen lights up for the first movie of the evening. This is the ambiance you can expect at the Villette Outdoor Film Festival.


What’s on this year’s programme?

The aim of this free film festival is to offer an eclectic and popular selection of movies, always in their original languages, with subtitles if necessary. Rediscover a great classic, immerse yourself in a Palme d'Or selection, have family fun with an animated gem or laugh along with a popular comedy; these and more are the experiences offered each evening from Wednesday to Sunday throughout the festival period. This year the theme is Tomorrow, and the 25 films scheduled include Gattaca, Erin Brockovich, Captain Fantastic, Lost Horizon (1937 version), Isle of Dogs, Wall-E and the brilliant Blade Runner 2049...

Taste all the flavours of a Parisian summer with this holiday-oriented festival. Ask our team at your Hotel Les Plumes if you want to know how to get to the venue and where to buy something delicious for your pre-movie picnic!



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