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A cruise on the Canal Saint-Martin

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 10/5/19

The Plumes Hotel invites you to embark on a peaceful voyage of discovery in an area of Paris that, although it may be less well known, is nonetheless rich in heart and history. Take a cruise on the Canal Saint-Martin and experience another side of the capital.


A cruise on the Canal Saint-Martin is a world away from typical tourist fare

You’ve seen the flotillas of sightseeing boats cruising the Seine, packed with elbowing tourists. If that seems unappealing, you’ll be pleased to know that a cruise on the Canal Saint-Martin is very different. First, the boats are small, with a friendly and intimate vibe. Then, as the canal is narrower than the Seine, you proceed at a more relaxed pace, far from the traffic and the crowds, with plenty of time to admire the scenery, soak up the atmosphere, and notice the small and charming details en route...


Your cruise on the Canal Saint-Martin

Cruises on the Canal Saint-Martin generally depart from the Port de l'Arsenal, overlooking the Seine, and head up to the Bassin de la Villette. Some companies also offer departures from the Orsay Museum to provide a view of the monuments along the Seine. A trip on the Canal is punctuated by a succession of swing bridges, footbridges, locks and subterranean vaults that offer a romantic vision of Paris. Your guide will tell you all about this succession of constantly evolving and evocative scenes. If you have an event to celebrate, you can privately hire a Canal Saint-Martin cruise boat.

Far less busy than the Seine, the Canal Saint-Martin is a magnificent showcase of Revolutionary Paris, arty and artisan Paris, and a Paris that is always recreating and reinventing itself while continuing to respect tradition. A Paris that the Hotel Les Plumes is proud to be part of...



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