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A festive return with the News from Les Plumes Hotel

Categories : Hotel, published on : 9/14/14

All the year round Paris plays host to an astonishing multitude of festivals catering for all tastes, as the festive return of our newsletter will demonstrate. You will find that as the leaves turn and the days grow shorter as we slide gently into autumn the festival pace does not slacken; it simply changes to reflect the new season. At Les Plumes Hotel we are ready to welcome you warmly at any time of the year, so why not contemplate a visit to our fair city this October? Autumn in Paris is as lovely as the other seasons, each in their own way, and we have some great festive suggestions for your pleasure involving a grape harvest, and two harvests of art!

Recommended Festivals in Paris for October

First off, we recommend a Sleepless Night for the evening of the 4th of October. This is when the Nuit Blanche nocturnal arts festival takes place. You will find yourself more than amply rewarded for missing a night’s sleep as the city takes you on a cultural adventure through the hours of darkness. Then we refer you to one specific part of Paris; the renowned Montmartre, legendary haunt of artists and writers and one of the city’s most picturesque districts. It’s perhaps not the place you would expect to find a grape harvest festival, but one has been taking place there for nigh on eighty years and 2014 will be no exception. Finally, if you have a connection with the contemporary art world, either professionally or as a collector or interested party, then FIAC finishes the month of October in fine style. In Paris, boredom is never an option!

You’ll have a Sleepless Night in Paris, and love it!

White Nights nocturnal arts festivals now take place in dozens of cities around the world. The concept involves various places such as museums and galleries remaining open from early evening until the coming of dawn, alongside displays and installations of artworks provided by a multitude of creators, plus concerts, happenings and performances scattered throughout the city. The Paris Nuit Blanche takes place on October 4th and featured contributors include Chloe Moglia, Mark Jenkins, Imran Qureshi and the Chapuisat Brothers. Wander the night veiled streets in a Grande Randonnée Artistique and enjoy the best sleepless night of your life.

A great Parisian Tradition; The Montmartre Harvest Festival

Many visitors to Montmartre don’t even suspect its existence, but tucked away behind high walls close to the Sacre Coeur can be found the last remaining Parisian vineyard.  The harvest of the grapes grown here has for decades been the impetus for a celebration dear to the hearts of many Parisians; the Montmartre Harvest Festival. Why not visit Paris from October 8th to 12th and join in with the fun? In addition to browsing dozens of stalls selling a wide variety of produce, you can watch the spectacle of the big parade through the Montmartre streets and a musical fireworks display. 

Don’t miss FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair

Inspired by the Basel Fair, a major Swiss event, the FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair has grown into one of the most prestigious art trade shows in the world. For thirty years this event has served as a means of gauging the health of modern and contemporary art and the prognosis is excellent. A visit to the splendid surroundings of the Grand Palais from October 23rd to 26th will confirm it! Displays and installations in open spaces around the city complement the main event and you will have the chance to view the offerings of both large and small galleries.

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