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A gourmet brunch to start the year

Categories : Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 12/1/22

A New Year's Eve in Paris is always an exceptional occasion and to prolong the party, why not treat yourself to a gourmet brunch at the start of the year? A few minutes’ walk from your Hotel Les Plumes, you can discover our selection of places where you can enjoy brunch. Each has a distinctive character and excellent food and drink...


Inventive and creative

Let's start with Les Bariolés de Maud. With their signature recipe of crispy pâte filled with fresh ingredients, prepared on the spot, Maud offers tasty bowls. Their brunches, served throughout the week, consist of a generous savoury selection, a fresh and sweet assortment, a freshly squeezed juice and unlimited hot drinks. At the BB Restaurant, you can discover the concept of the neo-brasserie amidst tasteful designer decor. The menu gives pride of place to vegetarian food but also happily combines haddocks and prawns, buttered radishes to share and duck spring rolls with orange sauce.


Brunches from around the world

The neighbourhood of the Hotel les Plumes has a vibrant cosmopolitan spirit. You can experience it for yourself with a brunch at the Kozy Kanopé, where the coffee shop tradition thrives. Irresistible brunches are on offer there, including maple syrup pancakes and Cajun-spiced chicken buns, homemade granola and avocado toast topped with pomegranate and dukkah. Finally, head to Afendi for a traditional Lebanese menu in which hot and cold mezes mingle, making a perfect introduction to tasty dishes, vegetarian or based around chicken, beef or fish. Your Sunday brunch in the form of a buffet will end in style with a milk flan, rose ice cream or knefeh...


To start the year in a deliciously satisfying way, check out the recommendations of the Hotel Les Plumes team. Less than a ten-minute walk from the hotel, the places mentioned above offer exciting culinary discoveries in a convivial atmosphere.


Les Bariolés de Maud
BB Restaurant
Kozy Kanopé

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