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A Night at the Grévin Museum

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, Entertainment, published on : 2/1/23

A ten-minute walk from the Hotel Les Plumes, you can discover a fascinating place: the Musée Grévin. Using very lifelike wax figures to reconstruct historical scenes and contemporary events, the Grévin offers a delightful experience. To celebrate its 140 years of existence, this famous wax museum also has a major surprise in store for you. Here’s a preview!


Immerse yourself in the Grévin Museum

Congratulating Kylian M'Bappé on his last match, getting up close to President Macron in his office at the Élysée Palace, climbing aboard a Liberation of Paris tank in the company of General de Gaulle, taking a selfie with Charlie Chaplin, Louis XIV, Leonardo Di Caprio or Lady Gaga…  You can do all this and more at the Musée Grévin. The museum has twelve different sections, ranging from sports idols to great chefs and from music icons to the greats of history, so everyone can find the people who inspire or amuse them, all portrayed with uncanny realism. The Musée Grévin offers fun for the whole family.


A Night at the Museum

For its 140th anniversary, the Musée Grévin is preparing some exceptional evenings for you. Every first Saturday of the month, it opens its doors from 20:00 to midnight for an astonishing staging of its 250 wax statues. With sound and light, interventions by actors and animation, the show is an amazing one designed to take you on a breathtaking immersion into the heart of the scenes displayed. Laughter and wonder guaranteed for children and adults alike! Given the demand, it is recommended that you book your tickets in advance.


The Musée Grévin holds a special place in the hearts of Parisians and visitors alike. A visit brings together the whole family. Take advantage of the exceptional Nights at the Museum and rub shoulders with the famous!


The Musée Grévin​

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