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A typically Parisian New Year in the capital’s cabarets

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 12/15/19

Cabarets are undoubtedly an integral aspect of the tourist postcard view of Paris. Some consider them totally behind the times, while others love them and delight in their creativity and sense of fun. Whatever your take on them, the cabarets are pulling out all the stops to provide an exceptional New Year’s Eve. Here are the favourites of your Hotel Les Plumes team!


The spectacle of a New Year’s Eve show in a Parisian cabaret

The perfect recipe for a New Year's Eve in a cabaret consists of several essential ingredients. There must, of course, be an excellent dinner and an exceptional revue, but also champagne. The Moulin Rouge has mastered this recipe perfectly and serves it up to you by scrupulously respecting the Parisian cabaret traditions such as a dynamic and vigorous performance of the famous French Cancan. In the same way, the Lido cultivates a timeless elegance with the beauty and refinement of the Bluebell Girls. Treat yourself to an evening of showmanship, fun, charm and magic.


Reinventing the cabaret

Although steeped in tradition, the Parisian cabaret is also a world in constant evolution, giving pride of place to new star performers and current trends. If you fancy an original New Year’s Eve, go to the Paradis Latin, where you’ll be welcomed all night with unlimited champagne. Compered by former Miss France Iris Mittenaere, with staging and choreography by Kamel Ouali, the revue is fabulous and will be followed by a dance party and a breakfast. The Crazy Horse, meanwhile, invites you to enjoy the show Crazy New Year while tucking into caviar and macarons! Parisian to the max!

This year, why not join the New Year's Eve party fun of a Parisian cabaret? Your Hotel Les Plumes team will help you choose the one that best suits your preferences. Enjoy the spectacle, the sensuality, a traditional French Cancan and party the night away!



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Photo credit: © Paris Tourist Office - Photographe Amélie Dupont

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