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An amazing festival that combines classical music with nature

Categories : Events, published on : 8/9/16

The Parc Floral de Paris is transformed into a huge outdoor concert venue for six weeks from August 6 to September 18. The Classique au Vert festival is one of the key events of the Parisian summer and a must for tourists as well as anyone who simply enjoys classical music.

An original setting

Just a twenty-minute metro ride from Les Plumes Hotel, the Parc Floral de Paris is located on the edge of Bois de Vincennes below the Chateau. This peaceful and relaxing space is the perfect setting for the nineteenth edition of Classique au Vert. In 2015, the festival attracted over 80, 000 music lovers, artists, and casual visitors. The open air stage is protected by a roof and this year, five orchestras and many international artists and famous soloists like Delphine Haidan will appear on it.  This edition will emphasise the influence of the great classical works on popular music.

For a unique festival

In addition to the setting and the quality of the artists and programming, much of the charm of this unique classical music festival lies in its accessibility.  It’s more than simply a concert. Catch amateur acts in the morning before enjoying a picnic on the lawns. It’s a chance to strike up conversations before the vocal workshop at 13.00. The main concerts take place at 16.00 each day and are preceded by an informal conference that presents an explanation of the works to be performed. At the end of each concert, participants have the chance to meet the artists.  Attractive ticket prices are just one more great feature of Classique au Vert and fans get to enjoy exceptional classical concerts in a unique setting!

Photo : Alexandre Vialle