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An enchanting stroll along the Quai de Seine

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 7/14/17

City of light, city of love – Paris is the definitive symbol of romanticism. As summer arrives, set out from Les Plumes Hotel for long walks along the Quai de Seine where you can view some of the city’s most iconic landmarks from an enchanting setting.


"The Seine flows under the Mirabeau bridge".. said Guillaume Apollinaire and so many other poets and singers. Paris is a tourist city par excellence with an exceptional historical and architectural heritage and the Seine Quays is popular with visitors from all over the world. The banks of the Seine are a lasting emblem - reminiscent of summer strolls and the chance to linger for a moment to enjoy beautiful sights that are sumptuously framed. Escape, romanticism and charm are all part of a recreational walk along the banks of the river and, thanks to the City of Paris, pedestrian-only lanes allow visitors and locals alike to explore the smallest corners of the Ile de la Cité, the quays of Bercy or Île Saint- Louis.


The banks of the Seine


Rive Droite or Rive Gauche, Right Bank or Left Bank, several pedestrian ways have been specially designed for walkers on the new "Park Rives de Seine" routes. Take routes that have been exclusively created for walkers and enjoy a summer stroll past the bridges from Pont Neuf, Arts and Marie, Henri IV, Bir-Hakeim to Sully or take the route from the Marais to the Eiffel Tower. You'll love the stunning views of the Orsay Museum, Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral or Les Tuileries and the most romantic and curious will want to stop often to truly experience these enchanting panoramas in the heart of the capital. The Louvre, the Champs-de-Mars or the Bastille: a walk along the Seine quays is a great choice at any time.