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An Exhibition Devoted to the Master of Sculpture

Categories : Events, published on : 3/9/17

Rodin, the figurehead of sculpture, and undoubtedly one of the major artists of the nineteenth century, is the subject of a unique event at the Grand Palais. The exhibition pays tribute to the sculptor on the centenary of his death.


A Tribute to an Atypical Artist


Auguste Rodin played a vital role in the influence of French arts in the greater world and he remains the most emblematic figure of modern sculpture. On the centenary of the artist's death, an exhibition devoted to the sculptor will take place at the Grand Palais from 22nd March to 31st July. During these five months, visitors will have a unique opportunity to discover or deepen their knowledge of Auguste Rodin through an exciting retrospective of his work. More than 200 sculptures, drawings, and photographs will be presented to the public, allowing you to fully admire some of Rodin’s major works like the Thinker and the Kiss.

The exhibition is also your chance to discover lesser known work by the artist through an extensive and eclectic program devised by the organisers. With massive worldwide support and contributions from several contemporary artists such as Anselm Kiefer, the exhibition retraces the life of Rodin through the golden age of sculpture. Monument to Balzac, L'Age d'Airain, Mask by Camille Claudel or L'Homme qui marche: the artist's works illustrate the protean extent of the achievements of one of the most illustrious figures in modern art. The exhibition also provides visitors with film and documentary programming to enrich the content and enhance the event for all audiences.

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