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An olfactory outing to one of the most renowned perfumers in Paris

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 4/1/23

About fifteen minutes on foot from the Hotel Les Plumes and a stone's throw from the Palais Garnier, you can step through the elegant door of the Fragonard Perfume Museum. Since 1926, the brand has been enchanting the public with the fragrances produced by its parfumeries in Grasse, on the French Riviera. It’s an exciting - and free! – immersion in the world of perfumes.


Discover how perfume is made

A visit to the museum is divided into two parts. The first is devoted to the creation of perfumes. What are the basic ingredients? How are they grown and harvested? The museum then reveals the secrets of extraction and distillation and lifts the veil on the métier de nez (craft of the nose). Each step is part of a journey through time, taking you into a cabinet of curiosities, with engravings, jars, measuring instruments, a laboratory, the still room, and a reconstruction of a perfume making facility...


A large collection of fascinating artifacts

The second part of the collection is devoted to precious and ancient objects related to perfume. Incense burners, bottles, pomanders, perfume vases, and other artifacts from all over the world are used to illustrate the use of perfumes by various human civilizations during different periods of history. Each object is perfectly adapted to its function but is also a true work of art. The collection of more contemporary perfume bottles also shows the evolutions of fashion and standards of elegance in more recent times. Of course, throughout the tour, your enthusiastic and expert guide will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


A symbol of elegance and refinement, perfume is an undeniable component of Parisian sophistication. During your stay at the Hotel Les Plumes, treat yourself to a sensory, visual and cultural visit to one of the most renowned perfumers in Paris: Fragonard.


Discover the the Fragonard Perfume Museum here

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