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An unusual and poetic visit to the island of Saint-Louis

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 5/9/17

If Guillaume Apollinaire makes you think of the Mirabeau bridge, the noble name of Charles Baudelaire is forever linked to the île Saint-Louis – a place that’s a shrine to romanticism and always conducive to an unusual outing. Les Plumes Hotel can give you the basic information, then it’s up to you to discover the treasures of île Saint-Louis.


The historic heart of Paris


The île Saint-Louis, along with île de la Cité, is one of the most symbolic places in Paris. Located in the heart of Paris in the 4th arrondissement, the island formerly known as Notre-Dame has been able to resist the turbulent changes of history for over a millennium. The historic île Saint-Louis district of the capital perfectly lends itself to romantic strolls. Wander along its eponymous bridge for breath-taking views of Paris’s heritage.  Place Louis-Aragon, place Barye, the sumptuous Bretonvilliers and Lambert hotels – the île Saint-Louis is filled with architectural treasures that you can admire on your own, or as a couple. Thanks to its rich history and its location in the centre of Paris, the île Saint-Louis gives visitors the chance to enjoy long hours of fulfilment and relaxation by the Seine.


Where everything is order and beauty, luxury, calm, and pleasure


Enjoy romantic strolls or contemplative walks through the 4th arrondissement – a district that was also the main base of Charles Baudelaire. An icon of poetry and the author of Les Fleurs du Mal and many other masterpiece, Baudelaire frequently stayed on île Saint-Louis, particularly at the Lauzun mansion along the Anjou quay where lovers of poetry and romanticism can step back in time for a moment.  The Hotel de Lauzun welcomed France’s celebrated poet from October 1843 to September 1845, as well as other famous names from the arts and literature like Théophile Gautier.