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An unusual dive in the Grand Gallery of Evolution

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 8/15/19

Generally speaking, your Hotel Les Plumes recommends shows and events that don’t require an immersion in the watery deep. We’re making an exception this time to bring a wonderful exhibition to your attention. Ocean; an Unusual Dive is now on view at the Grand Gallery of Evolution of the Museum of Natural History. Take the plunge!


Ocean in the spotlight at the Grand Gallery of Evolution

Embark on an astonishing journey beneath the waves of the oceans that make up 71% of our planet’s surface. You thought you knew everything about whales, fish and sharks? You’ll discover new wonders of this submerged world’s biodiversity, the amazing forms that life takes down there, and how much it has to teach us. There’s no need for complicated arguments about the preservation of nature, just browse the exhibition to be convinced!


An immersive exhibition

The Grand Gallery of Evolution has been completely renovated and its scenography, like that of its temporary exhibitions, completely revised. So it is that Ocean; an Unusual Dive is an immersive experience in more ways than one. You’ll see complete marine animal skeletons and amazing denizens of the deep such as the giant squid and the coelacanth. A wonderful family outing and a great way to learn while having fun. Exciting for children, it’s also fascinating and poetic for adults. Reserve your tickets online to ensure you don’t miss out.

Your Hotel Les Plumes team likes to recommend a visit to the Grand Gallery of Evolution to guests, especially since the museum’s makeover. In addition to the magic of the place, there are a thousand other things to do onsite, such as strolling in the Jardin des Plantes or sipping a mint tea at the nearby Grand Mosque of Paris.



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- Exposition "Océan, une plongée insolite"

Photo credit : © MNHN_Tin-Yam Chan

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