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Art Paris Art Fair brings the world of art to the capital

Categories : Events, published on : 2/19/15

The city of Paris has always been a warm host to the world of art, as well as art from all over the world! Our capital consolidates this worthy reputation this March when it again provides the venue and the welcome to the Art Paris Art Fair. At the same time PAD (Paris Art and Design) will also provide a showcase for both contemporary art and design and also the creations of the past. It all adds up to an exemplary experience for art lovers and we at Les Plumes Hotel have no hesitation in recommending these events.

An essential showcase for art and design in Paris

The leading springtime event for art in Paris takes place from March 26th to 29th. The Art Paris Art Fair brings together a wide array of modern and contemporary art beneath the beautiful soaring glass roof of the Grand Palais. This is a truly international affair, with the artistic talents of around twenty countries represented by some 140 galleries, coming together to engage in a dialogue between different art forms. Photography, design and art books are some of the creative areas under the spotlight, and the general section this year will be offering up to thirty solo shows. The national guests of honour for 2015 are Singapore and Southeast Asia, a part of the world which is receiving increasing attention from critics, collectors and art enthusiasts across the globe. Come and see why!

Dealers and collectors from all over the world will also be in attendance during the same period as the above show takes place for PAD, an event which has enjoyed an 18 year history of delighting art and design aficionados. The event provides a showcase for jewellery, glass, ceramics, photography and other fields in which art and design are of paramount importance. The Tuileries - Esplanade des Feuillants is the location for this wide ranging and eclectic show which this year will feature a greater exposure for Primitive Art.  

PAD 2015
26-29 March 2015
102 Rue du Faubourg St-Honoré, 75001 Paris
+331 53 30 85 20

Art Paris Art Fair 2015
26-29 March 2015
Grand Palais, Avenue du Général Eisenhower, 75008 Paris
+331 56 26 52 00

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