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Artistic Exhibitions Paris Centquatre : Festival Circulation(s)

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 2/26/14

Artistic exhibitions Paris Centquatre have proved immensely popular since this bold new multidisciplinary art space was unveiled. Here until March 16th you can enjoy the creative works and activities available at the Circulation(s) festival. Featuring up and coming young photographers, this is the place to get a preview of the photographic talents of tomorrow. Staying at Les Plumes Hotel you will be conveniently located to attend this fascinating event.

Artistic exhibitions Paris Centquatre a creative hub

A beautiful old glass roofed iron, brick and stone structure in central Paris which has served a number of functions over the years is now the 39,000 square metre home of the Centquatre. The concept was to create a multifunctional cultural space where artists could live and create, with the proviso that visitors can wander through free of charge at any time and watch them work. The idea has proved a solid success, so much so that the prestigious Circulation(s) festival has been relocated here for its fourth edition. Circulation(s) is organised by Fetart, an organisation dedicated to promoting promising new photographic artists and helping them to break into the professional world. The word 'photography' is derived from Greek roots which translate roughly as 'drawing with light', and this thought provoking festival amply demonstrates how photography can be regarded as fine art.

Displays, screenings, workshops and educational activities will all feature during this event to which 22 specially chosen emerging talents have been invited to contribute. Exhilarating in their quality and diversity, here you will see striking images evoking societal issues or self reflection, with many themes and subjects covered. Also present will be representatives from the Belfast School of Art, the Photographic Museum of Charleroi, Belgium and the Galerija Fotografija of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Les Plumes Hotel recommends artistic exhibitions Paris Centquatre

At Les Plumes Hotel one of our themes is that of the fascination and romance of the artistic soul, so naturally we suggest you will enjoy the Centquatre and the Circulation(s) festival.

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