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Best chocolates in Paris - a romantic taste of Russia

Categories : Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 4/4/14

Best chocolates in Paris for this Easter are a delicious tempting treat and the gold embellished 'Hermitage' egg at Café Pouchkine is among the most exciting. Revel in Russian tradition this Easter by booking your stay at Les Plumes Hotel - just a 15 minute stroll from Café Pouchkine.

Best chocolates in Paris are a decadent and glorious treat

Café Pouchkine Paris celebrates Easter in the inimitable style of Russia, where it is the most important festival in the Orthodox year, and a time for families and friends to get together to share meals and exchange gifts, including Easter eggs.

For 2014, Café Pouchkine has unveiled the magnificent 'Hermitage' egg - a homage to the famous Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg. With more than a passing nod to the most sought after and precious eggs in the world, the famous Faberge eggs, the 'Hermitage' is a supreme confection of dark, aromatic chocolate richly embellished with gold.

One of the most celebrated establishments in Moscow, Café Pouchkine opened its second store in Paris at the end of 2013. Already known for wonderful macaroons and delicious pastries which are laid out like jewels in a glass case for you to admire, Café Pouchkine is just a short walk from Les Plumes Hotel in rue Lamartine.

The cafe has an extensive selection of teas, or you might like to sample kvass, a refreshing drink made from fermented rye bread. Enjoy a taste of Russia with perogies and prianick, a spiced bread, or sit with a glass of champagne and a selection of macaroons at the bar. Don't forget to pick up a real Easter treat from Café Pouchkine in the form of a sensational 'Hermitage' Russian Easter egg.

Les Plumes Hotel is a sophisticated choice for a trip to sample the best chocolates in Paris

Inspired by the romantic figures of the past, Les Plumes Hotel is an elegant enhancement to your visit to Café Pouchkine, and enjoys a great location close to all the sights of the city by metro. Relax in rooms that evoke great love affairs or playful, fairy tale hideaways for an unforgettable Easter experience.


Picture copyright holder : Patisserie Pouchkine Paris - www.cafe-pouchkine.fr

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