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Best cinema venues in Paris: Come to live “Printemps du cinema”

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 3/11/14

Best cinema venues in Paris come no greater than the legendary Le Grand Rex. This is a picture palace in the truest sense, the kind of exotic shrine to the art of cinema that they simply don’t make anymore. It boasts the largest cinema theatre auditorium in Europe and a 252 square metre screen which is the largest in Paris. The diverse programming caters for all ages and tastes. On the occasion of "Printemps du Cinéma" Les Plumes Hotel suggests you to discover or rediscover this iconic place.

Best cinema venues in Paris, the story of Le Grand Rex

Jacques Haik, the film producer who introduced Charlie Chaplin to France, wanted to build the most beautiful film theatre in Paris. He engaged the services of architect Auguste Bluysen and interior decorator Maurice Dufrene. The consulting architect was John Eberson, a designer of atmospheric theatres in North America. Atmospheric theatres were those incorporating exotically themed decorative and architectural elements and revivalist styles.

The result of this meeting of minds was Le Grand Rex, which opened on December 8th 1932. The first film to be shown was Les Trois Mousquetaires, or The Three Musketeers. With its Art Deco design, stylish interiors and tremendous comfort, the cinema was a spectacular success. Today it is still a lovingly preserved thing of beauty, having been listed by the French government as a national monument in 1982. The celestial, starry ceiling of the 2,800 seat main auditorium still conveys the charming impression that the customer is seated in a theatre in the open air. There are further screens in the basement and adjoining building, so the choice of films shown is very wide ranging. Music concerts are also staged here, and the cinema hosts the 6 day Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival each April.

The "Printemps du cinéma" (Spring of Cinema) celebrates its 15th edition. This great event tributes to cinema all over France. This operation which takes place from 16th to 18th March allows film buff to go to cinema almost for free. Indeed for 3,50€ you can see a film.

Les Plumes Hotel is convenient for the best cinema venues in Paris

The comfort and elegance of Les Plumes Hotel complements the charm of Le Grand Rex. Here you will find the ideal base from which to embark on your memorable evening of cinematic delights.

Copyright: Paris Tourist Office-Marc Bertrand