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Books, coffee and treats, the perfect Book Nook concept

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 6/1/22

The BKNK, a.k.a. the Book Nook, nestles behind an elegant and classic wooden storefront in the refined 9tharrondissement of Paris. There, about ten minutes on foot from the Hotel Les Plumes, you will find a welcoming coffee shop and a bookstore full of surprises. Ideal for lovers of literature and good food!


A feast for the eyes and mind

The BKNK has partnered with the young and dynamic Parisian publishing house called Beta Publisher. Totally uninhibited and thinking outside the box, freeing itself from the generally conservative world of publishing, Beta Publisher offers a catalogue that covers just about all the genres of the current novel. With its own reading club and awards, this publishing house has also created various initiatives to connect passionate readers, authors and publishers. Whether you flip through a few pages in passing or leave with a tote bag overflowing with the most inspiring literary works, you won't regret your visit to Book Nook!


And a feast for the taste buds

And because the BKNK is first and foremost a coffee shop, there’s plenty of tasty treats in store to complement the literary feast. A great range of carefully selected coffees and teas accompany the tempting cookies, scones, granola, waffles and cube cakes of various flavours. If you crave something a little more substantial, sandwiches are provided between noon and 14:00, always made from ultra-fresh ingredients. Finally, you can treat yourself to a Sunday brunch at BKNK to combine relaxation and reading... And the menu changes every three months in accordance with the seasonally available produce.


A combination of conviviality and elegance, the Book Nook coffee shop has quickly become an essential gathering place for book lovers and foodies alike. Savour its typically Parisian atmosphere just a few minutes’ walk from the Hotel Les Plumes!



Photo: Farknot Architect

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