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Les Plumes Hotel

Boutique Hotel in Paris with tales to tell

Categories : Hotel, published on : 2/11/14

Boutique hotel in Paris invites you to hear a stirring tale imbued with the romantic charm of the 19th century. The themed rooms of Les Plumes Hotel evoke stories of beauty, happiness and heartache. Previously we have told you the true life accounts behind the décor of our George et Alfred and our Juliette et Hugo rooms. Now we would like to invite you to learn of the literary figures to which our Paul et Arthur rooms pay homage; Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud

Boutique hotel in Paris evokes the magic of the past

Arthur Rimbaud, the French poet whose innovative work influenced modern literature, was born in 1854 in the provincial town of Charleville. A precocious child, he began writing poetry at an early age. By his mid-teens this former Catholic boy had become something of a rebel, but also a literary genius. Intrigued by the young man’s work, the Symbolist poet Paul Verlaine sent him a one way train ticket to visit Paris. In 1871 the seventeen year old Arthur arrived in Paris and came to stay with Paul, who was astonished that the raw boned youth who turned up on his doorstep was the one responsible for creating such mature work. Nonetheless, they embarked upon a tempestuous affair characterised by mad passion, inspired creativity and often violent arguments.

One such argument led to Paul shooting and wounding Arthur with a revolver. Such was Paul’s mental state following this act that Arthur had him arrested for his own safety and a two year prison term for the older poet followed, effectively ending the troubled relationship.

The two met for the final time following Paul’s release from prison in March 1875. Arthur had given up writing and seemed to regret his former excesses. He went on to travel across Europe and died in 1891. Paul spiralled down into drug addiction, alcoholism and poverty and passed away five years later. Their literary works and even their madly passionate relationship have become synonymous with their era.

Les Plumes Hotel is a charming boutique hotel in Paris

At Les Plumes Hotel we take great pride in celebrating the iconic couples of a romantic era. Why not discover the charm and elegance we have to offer?


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