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Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 4/5/24

The Museum of Romantic Life is preparing to host an exceptional exhibition starting May 15th: "Géricault's Horses." This artistic event promises to immerse visitors in the fascinating universe of this great French painter from the 19th century. Horse lovers will also not want to miss the Grand Steeple Chase.

Exhibition "Géricault's Horses"

In the heart of Paris at the Museum of Romantic Life, the exhibition "Géricault's Horses" offers a unique immersion into the work of this iconic artist. Through his striking paintings, discover the expression of power and beauty of horses, a central theme of his art. This exhibition is a rare opportunity to closely contemplate major works by Géricault, an undisputed master of romantic painting.

The Grand Steeple Chase

In parallel with this exhibition, May 18th and 19th will be marked by an exceptional sports event: the Grand Steeple Chase. Horse racing enthusiasts will experience thrilling moments and thrill to the rhythm of horses racing at full speed on the Auteuil racecourse. A perfect opportunity to extend the immersion in the equestrian world after exploring the exhibition at the Museum of Romantic Life.

Victor Hugo's Love for Animals

Speaking of horses, did you know that Victor Hugo, the famous French writer honored in our hotel, had a deep love for animals? Passionate about nature and its inhabitants, Hugo had a special affection for horses and dogs, which he often portrayed in his literary works. An anecdote that illustrates the attachment of artists to our animal friends.

The "Géricault's Horses" exhibition promises a captivating dive into the equestrian world of this renowned artist. Combined with the Grand Steeple Chase and Victor Hugo's love for animals, this cultural and artistic experience will be unforgettable for all art and nature enthusiasts. Take advantage of this unique opportunity in Paris at the Hotel Les Plumes.


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