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Discover the booksellers on your next walk

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 5/15/18

The second-hand booksellers who are based on the Right Bank and Left Bank quays are part of a Parisian institution that is appreciated by tourists and locals alike. A must-see, especially on fine days, just for the pleasure of browsing, leafing through pages, caressing old bindings or laughing at humorous illustrations.

More than an attraction, a cultural heritage

It's hard to imagine the banks of the Seine without its stalls, those green "boxes" that catch your eye and tempt you to stop and browse. And don't imagine that you'll only stop for a minute! From old books to caricatures from the early twentieth century, from out of print editions to rediscovered childhood favourites, you'll find books that make you want to spend time strolling from stall to stall. It’s also a chance to meet others who are passionate about books and writing, recalling the literary spirit of your hotel - Les Plumes!


Out of time in a sumptuous setting

Open every day from sunrise to sunset, whatever the weather, the bookstalls are among the most iconic and appealing attractions on the banks of the River Seine.  You'll find them from the Marie bridge to the Louvre quay on the Right Bank and from Quai de la Tournelle to the Voltaire quay on the Left Bank with wonderful views of the Ile Saint-Louis and the Ile de la Cité, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Pont Neuf and the Conciergerie. Whether you're planning to visit a monument or a museum or simply taking a romantic stroll on the quays, the booksellers are always delighted to welcome you into their timeless universe.

There are images that wither and become folkloric. However, the booksellers enjoy a unique longevity thanks to their originality and charm. Those passionate about old books as well as those with a casual interest shouldn't miss this iconic aspect of Paris.