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Discover the great unknown islands of Paris

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 7/9/16

While some of the sights of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame are unmissable, there is another way to approach the City of Light: discover the islands on the Seine.

True green spaces

Green spaces are rare in the heart of the capital so Parisians value the peaceful haven away from the noise and traffic that is provided by the Seine’s islands. Among these beautifully preserved places, l'île aux Cygnes near Maison de la Radio and l'île Saint-Germain, to the south east of Porte de Saint-Cloud both offer beautiful walks and gardens from which to enjoy superb views over the Seine. It’s easy to reach the islands from Les Plumes Hotel so why not enjoy a walk, a morning jog or a stroll with friends?  While l'île aux Cygnes is particularly nice for walking, l'île Saint-Germain has a wide variety of environments to explore.

A unique place between past and present

The little-known islands of Paris are also historic landmarks. L'île Seguin perfectly straddles the past and the future. A thrilling avant-garde project is gradually emerging from the Renault factories that were the diamond brand’s crowning glory until 1992. It features a covered garden and a cultural centre with a music venue as well as an artistic structure designed by Jean Nouvel. l'île aux Cygnes lets you delve into the history of nineteenth-century Paris via the Pont de Bir-Hakeim with its Art Deco fixtures and statues. You’ll also find its famous replica of the Statue of Liberty at the tip of the island.

Enjoy a stay at Les Plumes Hotel and explore the little-known spaces of Paris.