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Discover the world of wine

Categories : Hotel, published on : 11/10/17

Dedicate the weekend of December 1st and 2nd to the fascinating world of wine by participating in an exceptional event organized by the Bettane and Desseauve wine guide - the Grand Tasting. The show's warm and friendly atmosphere brings together newcomers, enthusiasts and professionals.


All the diversity and richness of wine


The Grand Tasting will be in the elegant Carousel de Louvre which is just a few minutes from Les Plumes Hotel in the heart of Paris. The event was designed by the famous Bettane and Desseauve guide and it aims to bring exhibitors, famous vineyards, mythical winemakers and talented newcomers together via workshops and tasting master classes. Of course, food and wine pairings such as truffles and wine or champagne and cheese are not left out and you'll find workshops dedicated to them. A passion for wine is the only requirement.


Your participation in the Grand Tasting


More than just an exhibition, the Grand Tasting allows you to immerse yourself completely in this fascinating world by participating various workshops. Taste, sample and savour as you expose your taste buds to the aromas of different wines. Given the vast range of activities available over the two days, you're sure to find some more appealing than others. Don't worry if your skills are limited – these master classes lead by cellar masters, winemakers and vineyards are open to all and they're aimed at both amateurs and beginners. However, it’s important to register quickly if you don't want to miss your preferred events.


Start the holiday season in style by taking part in the Grand Tasting, a unique event dedicated to the world of wine. Perhaps you'll take advantage of your new knowledge and compose New Year's menus featuring some of the great wines that you have tasted!