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Festival of gastronomy and premier horse racing

Categories : Events, published on : 4/30/17

Each year, the prestigious Prix de Diane horse race takes place at Chantilly racecourse. Les Plumes Hotel take you there ! Plus, Taste of Paris will delight gourmets and food lovers - it’s the place to meet leading starred chefs who demonstrate their knowledge and expertise over the course of an epic event.


The most exclusive horse race in France


The Prix de Diane was founded in 1843, and the elegant and distinctive horse race is dedicated to three-year-old fillies and reserved for the sports most talented amateurs. It takes place in the chic and glamorous setting of the Chantilly racecourse, and the Prix de Diane is also your chance to see the stunning hats and stylish outfits worn by attending stars and celebrities. Dubbed the "French Oaks" and rivalling its competitor across the Channel, the Prix de Diane is sponsored by leading names in fashion and luxury ready-to-wear such as Revlon, Hermes, and Longines. A symbol of Parisian elegance, the race has a special place in the hearts of turf fans thanks to the parade of eccentric headgear and the presentation of an award for the most elegant. A chic not-to-be-missed event, the Prix de Diane takes place on Sunday 18 June and features 9 gallop races.


A meeting of gastronomes


Discover the signature dishes of starred chefs and the foods that have cemented the reputation of the most prestigious houses - Taste of Paris is an opportunity to explore an entire section of French gastronomy. The event brings together all the hexagon’s leading talents, from award-winning chefs to the rising stars of gastronomy.  Meet a hundred exhibitors who have come to the Grand Palais to show off their skills and products from 18th to 21st. Demonstrations, courses, tastings, and animated exhibits are all on the programme for the 2017 edition of Taste of Paris – an event that’s sure to be rich in flavour and full of exceptional moments. The Plumes Hotel team looks forward to welcoming you for this outstanding exhibition.