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Gustave Moreau Museum - a museum unlike any other

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 3/5/19

Nestled in the heart of the ninth arrondissement and just a ten-minute walk from Les Plumes Hotel, you'll find a museum unlike any other in Paris. Push through the door and you're in the home, workshop and museum of artist Gustave Moreau. A leader of the Symbolist movement, the artist lived in what was once his parent's apartment and his studio and is now the Gustave Moreau Museum.


The Gustave Moreau Museum - an exceptional place

Forget those endless galleries where walls are hung with work after work.  Here, everything is laid out according to the will of the artist. His work invades beautiful spaces, occupies rotating furniture, pivoting panels and easels. Just as Gustave Moreau wanted it. As you walk from room to room, you'll discover intimate family portraits, paintings by artist friends and the most famous of Gustave Moreau's paintings. A fascinating and unusual world!


Customised tours

You need to book special visits to see this highly original place. These include thematic tours such as "Imaginary Sunday Tours" or theatrical visits at night. You are, of course, free to move through each space at your leisure as you discover the artist's work at your own pace. Why not book a hands-on discovery workshop for the children that introduces them to the creative process? Finally, the Gustave Moreau Museum regularly organises theatre and concert evenings that bring the entire place to life while keeping traditions dear to the heart of the artist alive.

A true sanctuary celebrated by André Breton and Marcel Proust, Gustave Moreau's museum-workshop is a place where you're immediately touched by the special atmosphere. Immerse yourself in a magical museum quite unlike any other – and just a short walk from Les Plumes Hotel.



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