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Les Plumes Hotel

Honesty Bar: step back in time

Categories : Hotel, published on : 4/5/18

Come and meet some of France's greatest writers including Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset, Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud! The bar of the Plumes Hotel aims to immerse you in an atmosphere that is typically nineteenth century. Discover a peaceful cocoon where the famous authors might have relaxed before picking up their pens and, of course, take the opportunity to discover our "Les Écrivains" signature cocktail, created by our receptionist Patrick.


The enchanting ambience of the Honesty Bar

Feel as if spring is slow to start? Find a soft, comfortable armchair and read a few lines by some of our great French authors as you enjoy a fragrant tea by the warmth of the fire. Or, if the sun is out, try a cocktail and some deliciously French appetisers on our patio. Our team recommends that you try "Les Écrivains", an original cocktail created in-house.


Cocktail Les Écrivains


A seductive creation

Les Plumes Hotel is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity and its comfortable décor evokes the savoir-vivre of the 19th century. It’s in the same spirit that Patrick imagined a cocktail that mixes on trend Grey Goose vodka with Saint-Germain, a traditional elderberry liqueur. Sweetly acidic, vibrant and refreshing, the cocktail is both relaxing after a busy day and stimulating before a bustling Parisian night! It's the perfect way to start your evening before going on to one of the many events and theatre shows in the area.

The creative literary spirit is everywhere at Les Plumes Hotel – even in our new cocktail which has been developed to offer a glimpse of Parisian refinement and to leave you with memories of an unforgettable moment. Let yourself be swept away in the warm atmosphere of our Honesty Bar.