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Illuminated Ocean; light and magic in the Jardin des Plantes

Categories : Events, published on : 12/5/19

Forget everything you know about Christmas lights and allow yourself to be drawn into the magic of Illuminated Ocean, the fabulous display of light sculptures that the Jardin des Plantes has put together for Christmas. Don’t miss it. This exquisite exhibition is only about twenty minutes by Metro from your Hotel Les Plumes.


Illuminated Ocean; a second smash-hit light show

Last year, the Jardin des Plantes attracted a hugely impressive 370,000 visitors with its creation Illuminated Species, a critical and popular success. This year, the venerable institution has come up with another triumph that takes us on an enchanting journey from the beach to the bottom of the sea. In a world combining reality and fantasy, you get to meet a very colourful giant octopus, a killer whale rising from verdant waves, a large and fearsome shark and many more brightly illuminated denizens of the deep. The theme echoes that of the fascinating exhibition currently running in the galleries.


All the magic of light

As soon as night falls, the Jardin des Plantes comes alive with magnificent illuminated structures. Masterpieces of brilliant creativity; the rendering of the mother-of-pearl of a shell or the shimmer of a clown fish are perfectly realised. Some animals are also animated, giving a playful touch to the crab, a scarier aspect to the crocodile... It’s a walk full of wonder that immerses adults as completely as it does children in a truly magical atmosphere. Illuminated Ocean is open every day until January 19th, from 18:00 to 22:00.

Following major renovations of the Grand Gallery of Evolution and the Zoo, the Jardin des Plantes continues to offer exhibitions that are fun, informative and accessible to all. Illuminated Ocean is exceptional entertainment. Schedule a visit during your stay at the Hotel Les Plumes!



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Crédit photo : © Didier Lefevre / Groupe Ludéric

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