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In training! The arrival of the Paris Marathon

Categories : Events, published on : 3/15/19

A city of lovers, art and fashion, Paris becomes the capital of sport as various high-level meetings punctuate each year. In spring, the Paris Marathon puts runners in the spotlight. It's a chance to challenge yourself or to cheer on those brave souls who attempt the lengthy route through the streets of Paris.


April 14, 2019 - the Paris Marathon

Be sure to make a note of the date. As the chestnut trees come into bloom the Parisian air is filled with a carefree sense of lightness and optimism. It's time for the brave to put on their trainers, set their watches, monitor their heart rate and count the number of steps it takes to cover each kilometre. Welcome of one of the world's most famous sporting events. From the top athletes who compete with each other for the number one place to the anonymous runners who push themselves to cross the finish line, the commitment is intense and the effort superhuman.


Around the Marathon

Perhaps this is an adventure that you don't want to embark on. No problem, you can still enjoy the incomparable atmosphere of the Paris Marathon. With the avenues closed to traffic, you're able to find the best viewpoints to follow the race and to admire some of many famous Parisian monuments that dot the course. There are lots of extra activities surrounding the main race too.  For example, the Breakfast Run on Saturday morning invites you to enjoy a fun, untimed race through 5 km of the capital's most beautiful streets. Friendly, companionable and festive, it's all part of the Paris Marathon.

Discover a new side to the French capital during the Paris Marathon. There are a thousand ways to experience it, even if you don't run.  The Les Plumes team is on hand to help you organise your outing and really make the most of it.



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