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It’s all happening at the Paris winter sales!

Categories : Fashion and Shopping, published on : 1/4/16

As 2016 begins, we all wish each other joy and happiness to get the year off to an auspicious start. It’s a great tradition, and one that we should certainly try to turn into reality. Planning a few enjoyable events is the best way to banish the lethargy and sluggishness that so often strikes on those grey wintery days.  And of course, this early in the year, what could be better than the winter sales?

Paris, the fashion capital

The city is famous for its annual Fashion Week events. The greatest designers in the world will descend on the city to take part in this year’s event and it has often been said that Paris is more than a city, it’s a temple to fashion.  Both the men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections are manna for Parisian merchants who compete to meet your needs with collections that are constantly updated. In the city’s chic shopping areas the most luxurious boutiques and stores will reveal their charms to entice you with the promise of a dream shopping trip.

Being in the heart of the sales

To shop in the winter sales is a reflex that all French people seem to have. But the best experience is a privilege that is reserved for the strongest and most committed shoppers, those who leave the provinces and move to the capital for a few special days of winter magic. A stay at Les Plumes Hotel is the ideal choice for those who want to be at the heart of the activity and have all the best shops to hand. And for good reason, the hotel is just a few steps from the famous Lafayette Galleries on Boulevard Haussmann, a store whose global reputation is justified every single day. Visit during the winter sales, and you’ll understand!

© Paris Tourist Office - Photographe : Amélie Dupont