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June news from the Grands Magasins department stores

Categories : Fashion and Shopping, published on : 6/1/23

Located about ten and fifteen minutes respectively from the Hotel Les Plumes, the Grands Magasins (department stores) Galeries Lafayette and Printemps Haussmann remain exciting places to discover, now more than ever. Of course, they’re a delight for shopping enthusiasts, but are also vibrant and culturally intriguing places where something is always happening. This June, both brands have plenty to offer!


The magic of a rainbow under the dome

Until June 30th, enchantment is invited under the dome of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. The store management has given carte blanche to the Korean conceptual artist Kimsooja to work her visual magic on the magnificent glass dome that dominates the department store. Thanks to a clever use of film wraps that diffract light, Kimsooja has created luminous landscapes that change constantly throughout the day as the light changes. Like the original stained-glass windows that once adorned the dome, they create a shimmering and mesmerising ambiance.


Joey Starr's gourmet invitation

For several years now, the French rapper Joey Starr has made no secret of his passion for gastronomy and fine produce. At the request of the team of the Bleu Coupole restaurant, located on the sixth floor of the Printemps Haussmann, the performer agreed to put together, with the help of the restaurant’s executive chef Clément Blondeau, an appealing menu full of surprises. Combining influences such as those of the West Indies, where he is from, but also of various metropolitan regions, Joey has created generous and exotic dishes that invite your taste buds on an exciting journey. Don't miss it during your Parisian break, as Joey Starr's menu will only be available until June 15th.


Parisian department stores are as much cultural spaces as places for shopping. Take advantage of the proximity of the Hotel Les Plumes to discover all the offers of Printemps Haussmann and Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.



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