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Les Plumes Hotel News : Roundup for May 2014

Categories : Hotel, published on : 5/18/14

Les Plumes Hotel news of the month of May 2014 is that Paris is becoming resplendent in her summer plumage. The sun grows stronger and bathes the entire city in a golden glow that makes us feel more alive to pleasures and possibilities. Mother Nature throws her verdant green mantle across the many beautiful parks and gardens of the capital and invites you to visit. Everyone feels that surge of optimism at the promise of the balmy months to come, replete with events, shows, exhibitions and fun for everyone.

Boats ply the smoothly flowing waters of the Seine leaving sparkling wavelets nudging the banks in their wake. Couples take the time to bask in one another’s company over a coffee on the terraces of picturesque cafes. The cooler streets of evening invite a leisurely stroll in search of entertainment and good fellowship. The summer beckons to us, promising delights unbounded, and we have no choice but to venture forth in search of fun and fulfilment.

But before you do, why not listen to the recommendations offered by Les Plumes Hotel? We know our city and it offers much, from the inspiring work of art erected in the nave of the Grand Palais, to the world’s most enchanting music festival serenading the shortest night of the year, to the temptation of a citywide shopping heaven. We know you will be seduced by the lure of Paris, so allow us to guide you through the multitude of possible choices, all of which are easily accessible from our hotel.

Monumenta 2014: Ilya and Emilia Kabakov at the Grand Palais

The 6th edition of Monumenta showcases the mind-boggling installation art of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. Ilya has been called one of the ten greatest living artists by ARTnews. Emilia is the first female artist to participate in Monumenta. Together they have built The Strange City in the nave of the Grand Palais. This multimedia presentation is a thought provoking examination of man’s aspirations in both a physical and a spiritual sense. Drawing on a variety of influences it is by turns playful, majestic, frightening and uplifting. You will not have seen its like before.

The Fête de la Musique 2014, A Festival on the streets

Imagine a city-wide music festival with hundreds, if not thousands, of musicians playing live in the streets and public areas of Paris, and all for free. Sound intriguing? Well, it takes place every year on the summer solstice, June 21st. From individual buskers to full orchestras and everything in between, you can see and hear them all throughout the day and night until the coming of dawn. You can follow the detailed Fête de la Musique 2014 program on its official website, or by downloading the dedicated application on your mobile.

Summer Sales 2014, An irresistible retail temptation

How can you possibly resist celebrating the arrival of summer with some world class retail therapy? After all, from June 25th until July 29th the Paris Summer Sales will be in full flow and bargains will be everywhere. Department stores, elegant boutiques, major retail outlets… all will be participating and offering discounts to make your head spin. So why not treat yourself and your family and friends? As the weeks go by the prices are slashed ever deeper so it’s well worth your while to join in right up until the very end. Happy hunting!


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