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Maison F, Taking French Fries To New Heights

Categories : Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 7/4/14

Maison F is a charming restaurant located a pleasant 13 minute walk from Les Plumes Hotel. Friendly as a family kitchen, with a trendy and fun approach to cuisine, this is a gastronomic treat we can certainly recommend to our guests, one that will add an extra special savour to a night out in Paris.

Guess What It Is That Puts The F Into Maison F?

F is for frites, otherwise known as French fries, or chips, if you prefer. Frites are the speciality of Maison F, and they are justly famous. You get to choose the colour, shape, size and texture of your frites. Allumettes (matchsticks) are the thin variety, coin des rues are rough cut fried potatoes and the wittily named boteros are the tasty super-sized frites on offer. Served with house ketchup or a mayonnaise with 11 herbs and spices, they are truly wonderful and completely irresistible. Try the Fry Of The Week!

Of course, it’s not all frites. There’s quality beef sourced from Maison Poncelet, chicken from Challans, bread from master baker Jean Luc Poujauran, and all desserts are made in house by the award winning young baker, Amelia. There are extra special burgers made with veal and foie gras, plus white truffles, blue cheese and beets. Who could resist?

The eye-catching décor of Maison F also appeals, with the library themed ground floor F Bar, patterned tiles embedded in the parquet floor and undulating ceiling panels in the dining room. We think you will love funky, friendly Maison F and their capital F frites.

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