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Meet the stars at Grévin Museum

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 10/10/18

Where in Paris can you meet Cristiano Ronaldo, Barack Obama and Leonardo di Caprio? Where can you be photographed in those famous armchairs from that unavoidable TV sensation The Voice? Where will satisfy the whole family and dazzle the eyes of each generation? The Grévin Museum, of course! The museum invites you to enjoy a memorable visit with waxwork figures of over 200 famous and infamous personalities.


Fun and original: Grévin Museum

The Grévin Museum is meticulous about the resemblance of its statues to the originals - so much so that the results are often astounding. But what is even more alluring is the perfectly recreated settings and decorations that give the impression that the celebrities are in their element – and you can join them! From the stars of the small screen to the sportsmen,  the kings of comedy and the idols of song to the politicians and decision-makers, everyone can find the perfect celebrity to pose with.


From Les Plumes Hotel

Les Plumes Hotel is ideally located for those who want to discover all the entertaining activities that Paris has to offer, from department store shopping trips, evenings at the theatres or concert halls or visits to unique places like the Grévin Museum. You can reach the museum on foot in about ten minutes and it's open from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Théâtre Grévin, Nocturnal Halloween or Café Grévin, you can discover all of its exciting attractions and it's a nice alternative to visits to landmarks or "classic" museums!


Les Plumes Hotel celebrates literature and the classic French writers of the nineteenth century. However, we also have a playful side and the hotel is the ideal base from which to plan a fun outing with your family or friends to meet the 200 stars of the Musée Grévin.  Be sure to charge your phones for a 'most beautiful selfie' contest!



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