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Modern art at the Louis Vuitton Foundation

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 9/14/17

Are you planning a stay at Les Plumes Hotel during October? If so, you can expect a warm welcome and exceptional service, as always. However, you can also visit the MoMA exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. It's the ideal place to delve into the world of modern art.


The MoMA in Paris, a multidimensional exhibition that travels through time

The "Museum of Modern Art" in New York is known throughout the world for its stunning art collection. It's normally necessary to travel to the United States to see it. However, you can now admire some of the most exciting pieces right here in Paris. The Louis Vuitton Foundation presents art from the MoMA collections from October 11, 2017 to March 05, 2018. This unique exhibition is also a chance to look back over the history of the MoMA since it acquired its first works in 1930.  


All types of contemporary art in one place

The "Be Modern: the MoMA in Paris" reflects the history of the mythical museum through 200 unique pieces that will be exhibited in the building designed by Frank Gehry. All six departments of the museum will be represented and you'll be amazed by the exceptional drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs on show. All these works will be arranged to harmonise with the geometric architecture of the host building. This artistic and historical setting will enhance your appreciation of works by artists like Paul Cézanne, Jasper Johns, Pablo Picasso or Yvonne Rainer.

You might start with "House by the Railroad" by Edward Hopper, an oil painting that was acquired by MoMA in 1930.  "Steamboat Willie" by Walt Disney will also be there – the famous piece was bought by the museum in 1936. The exhibition takes place just a few miles from Les Plumes Hotel and you'll find sections devoted to industrial objects, pop art and minimalism alongside a section that highlights the work of contemporary artists.

Photo credit : madelinpiluso