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New Year: a time for lovers

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 11/19/15

And what if we forget about family commitments for a short time during the end of year holidays? Just for once, think only of yourself as you take a romantic journey through the city. On New Year's Eve, Paris offers an incomparable refuge for lovers – something that Les Plumes Hotel has always understood perfectly.

Paris always mean love

For those who still doubt that Paris remains the city of lovers, a walk over bridges loaded with lock that symbolise eternal promises should be enough to completely convince even the most sceptical. If ever there is a destination that has captured the hearts of lovers all over the world it is, and always will be, Paris. It’s the city to visit to strengthen your union or to inject an enchanting dose of magic and romance into your relationship.

A setting and a décor that will make your heart soar

The reason for Paris’s great and constant appeal is surely due to its incomparable spaces and magical lights and décor that heighten the senses.  It’s also thanks to its unique history, the prestigious past of the capital, that one more readily feels a sense of constancy here. These emotions are magnified tenfold during the Christmas and New Year holidays when the city puts on its finery and shines so brightly.

Welcome gifts

Les Plumes Hotel knows all about the magic of romance. The hotel extends a very special welcome to lovers with discreet little touches to make couples feel truly special. Couples choosing our New Year offer will find a bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne, chilled and ready to be uncorked, when they arrive at the hotel. A heart of rose petals adorns the bed and we even provide a Lovebox as a Welcome gift. And, because hospitality is a matter of course at Les Plumes, we let you sleep in for an extra hour by letting you check out the hotel at noon rather than 11.00 a.m. Yes, it’s a city that is made for love.

Picture credits: leo gonzales