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Our favourite wine bars in the neighbourhood

Categories : Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 11/1/22

The wine bar concept is constantly being reinvented. No longer simply gathering places for wine enthusiasts, wine bars are now convivial and inclusive places where everyone can find a bottle and an ambiance to their liking. Bearing this in mind, the Hotel Les Plumes team has drawn up a list of its favourite establishments in the area. Here’s a quick overview…


Getting to know wine

Let's start with an iconic address. Gégéor is a restaurant, but it is also and above all a wine merchant. Until closing time at 23:30, you can sit at the counter and chat with the enthusiastic staff and get advice on a vintage or taste an appellation. Hundreds of references from vineyards all over France await you. At Wine Therapy, you are invited to blind taste three wines. Your favourite will determine which one you drink next. A simple and effective method for making wonderful discoveries, getting off the beaten track and out of your comfort zone!


Wine and delicacies

If you want to combine wine with a gourmet tasting session, you need to know about two addresses in particular. The first has made a name for itself with its copious platters of very high-quality foodstuffs. To accompany them, the team at l’Atelier Saisonnier selects estate wines that are original and surprising. The second bears the elegant name of Rouge à Lèvres. In an exotic decor inspired by Balinese style, you can discover a selection of wines from producers chosen for their short supply chains. Tasty surprises await you!


A few minutes’ walk from the Hotel Les Plumes is a neighbourhood full of wine bars. You just need to choose the one that suits you best. All you have to do is savour the sound of a cork being extracted, the sight of wine being poured into a glass, and the taste of the exquisite beverage... 



Wine Therapy
Atelier saisonnier​
Rouge à lèvres

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