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Paris Best Hotel Packages; A Great Summer Offer

Categories : Hotel, published on : 6/4/14

Paris best hotel packages are offered by Les Plumes Hotel. Summer comes and as the sun bestows a magical radiance upon the city the temperature rises and our prices fall. But our reduced rates are only available for a limited period, from July 12th to September 2nd, so make sure you don’t miss out on this exclusive offer by booking now.

Les Plumes Hotel Leads the Way into Summer

Where else can you experience an evocation of the timeless charm of 19th century Paris blended seamlessly with the technological innovations of today? Bringing together the best of the old and the new is what we do so well at Les Plumes Hotel. Our central location and proximity to public transport ensures you can quickly and conveniently reach the many places of interest in which the City of Light abounds. We want you to regard our hotel as your home in Paris, so we go the extra mile to make your stay as delightful as possible.

Of course, at this time of year Paris unfurls like a blossoming flower, offering an abundance of marvellous ways to enjoy your stay. Paris itself becomes something of a summer resort, adopting a laid back and leisurely approach, yet at the same time taking great care to ensure there is plenty to keep visitors occupied. During this time of year the city turns its public spaces into venues for musical, theatrical or other performances. The warm summer evenings are ideally suited for so many different kinds of activities from concerts to alfresco film shows, family funfairs and even open air clubbing. Sample the Parisian summer ambience from your accommodation at Les Plumes Hotel.

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