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Paris Museum of Romantic Life from a great little hotel

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 6/4/13

Paris Museum of Romantic Life is a hidden gem at the foot of Montmartre, an oasis in the heart of the city this summer, and just a short walk from the delights of Les Plumes Hotel.

Paris Museum of Romantic Life is a unique place

When you arrive at the Paris Museum of Romantic Life, it's as if you've arrived at someone's splendid home, with its green shutters and tranquil gardens. Quite unlike any other museum you'll have been to.

Inside things become even more interesting. The house was the Paris home of the 18th century Dutch artist Ary Scheffer, and many of his works are to be found here. Also celebrated is one of the great literary figures of Paris, George Sand. Despite the name, she was a woman writing under a pseudonym and her novels became both popular and famous. She was also well-known for wearing clothing designed for men, and in this museum you can find out more about an extraordinary life.

Character of Les Plumes Hotel perfect for Paris Museum of Romantic Life

There's so much more to discover as you wander around the museum, walking over the creaking floorboards that have seen so much literary and art history in their time. There are sculptures and paintings, plus some unusual objects too, including a plaster cast of a hand of the great composer Chopin. Afterwards, take time for coffee and cake in the gardens and reflect on what this building has experienced over the past 180 years or so.

What you need for a visit to Paris Museum of Romantic Life is a hotel that reflects this unusual experience and for that we at Les Plumes Hotel believe we have the perfect place for you. We're just a fifteen minute walk from the museum, along some of the most beautiful streets in Paris, and when you come home to our hotel, you'll find reflections of these great literary figures of Paris in every room.


Picture copyright holder : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Henri Garat