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Les Plumes Hotel

Patio and balconies; enjoy the outdoor spaces of the Plumes Hôtel

Categories : Hotel, published on : 6/15/19

The beautiful days are here again, and you won’t want to miss out on the capital’s sparkling sunlight and the air’s soft caress. Come and discover how pleasant Paris is in summer by taking advantage of the outdoor spaces of your Hotel Les Plumes. A real haven of freshness in the heart of the capital!


The pleasure of being outdoors on our patio

Before starting a day of visiting, shopping or work, in the middle of the afternoon for a relaxing break or in the evening for an aperitif with friends or a glass of champagne with the one you love, the patio of your Hotel Les Plumes is a wonderful place to unwind in the open-air. Here, adjacent to the bar, you’ll find peace and quiet in an island of greenery and comfort, far from the hustle and bustle of the quarter! Hot drinks, refreshments and a selection of great wines await you at any time.


Balconies with a view of Paris

The Hotel Les Plumes also offers several rooms with balconies. Imagine enjoying a cocktail provided by room-service while contemplating the rooftops of Paris and life on the street below! You can also have your breakfast brought for you to enjoy in the privacy of your own terrace. Savour moments of pure relaxation, at your own pace and according to your desires, courtesy of your Hotel Les Plumes.

There’s a thousand ways to enjoy the beautiful days of a Parisian summer. The gardens, the banks of the Seine, and the great parks await you along with exceptional events like Paris Plage. However, even staying at your Hotel Les Plumes you can enjoy fresh air thanks to the outdoor spaces of our patio and the balconies of the rooms...



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