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Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud: passion, genius, adventure

Categories : Hotel, published on : 9/15/18

Hotel Les Plumes honours exceptional writing – in its own way. Therefore, while celebrating the famous French geniuses who gave the world such unforgettable works, we've played on anachronisms with decorative flourishes that add to the hotel's charm.  Discover this playful spirit in our "Paul and Arthur" rooms.


Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud, a story of passion

The history of the two poets covers everything, from the sublime to the sordid. A meeting that was a clash of minds, a tumultuous affair that was scandalous for the times, travel and exile, every kind of excess and finally, a dramatic and violent separation. Verlaine, a young married man looking for recognition as a writer loses his family, his home and his country after meeting the (very) young Rimbaud.  Some of the most beautiful verses in the French language were born of these sufferings and excesses.


Paul and Arthur according to Les Plumes

Of course, at Hotel Les Plumes, we couldn't resist a story that moves even the most hardened heart. For our "Paul and Arthur" rooms, we have chosen a theme that's resolutely masculine – yet a little camp. Prince de Galle fabrics, chip foot checks and stripes create a welcoming, slightly off-the-wall, feelgood atmosphere. Of course, we also rely heavily on comfort and service with, for example, unlimited free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a flat screen TV and a safe.


What could be more fascinating than the tale of  the passionate and tragic love shared by two of our most famous poets? Paul Verlaine and Arthur Rimbaud invite us to enjoy the sublime once again - pack a copy of "A Season in Hell" or "Songs Without Words" in your suitcase!