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Plan a cultural escapade, the Paris Book Fair

Categories : Fairs and Trade Shows, published on : 3/9/16

Paris is much more than a city that is renowned for some of the world’s finest museums and monuments. It is also one of the world’s richest cultural capitals and is a teeming metropolis where you can satisfy your literary desires and your passion for books.

Paris: The love of literature

If you are planning to visit Paris for a holiday or break soon, it’s worth bearing in mind that the City of Light is the birthplace of some of France’s greatest literary geniuses and a cradle of culture and literature. Les Plumes Hotel is an inspired choice if you’d like your trip to combine overall perfection with an elegant and romantic atmosphere. You won’t regret your choice for a moment; the hotel is ideally located in the heart of Paris and close to the city’s most celebrated and essential places like the Boulevard Haussmann and its department stores, the Opera district, and the busy shopping streets of Rivoli and Chatelet. Les Plumes Hotel invites you to take a fabulous journey among some of the nineteenth century’s most beautiful love stories. Your passion for literature and reading will be more than satisfied in rooms that are dedicated to Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset, George Sand and Paul Verlaine - not forgetting Arthur Rimbaud.

Livre Paris: A not to be missed event

While Les Plumes Hotel offers the ideal setting to satisfy your thirst for culture and elegance, the city of Paris has a large number of events that are sure to arouse your curiosity. The famous Paris Book Fair is among the cultural happenings that you really won’t want to miss. It’s sure to be on your list of activities and the event has been renamed ‘Livre Paris’ for this year’s edition. The 2016 show will take place from 17th to 20th March and, as is the case each year, it will afford you the chance to meet many talented authors and look back on the literary masterpieces of bygone eras or discover the new names of the future.