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Temple Street Food; An Urban Culinary Experience For All

Categories : Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 8/13/14

Do you enjoy the urban culinary experience? If so, then Temple Street Food, from September 19th to 21st, is the event for you. Taking place near the Carreau du Temple, this weekend sanctuary for street food buffs will enable you to take a gustatory stroll around various food trucks, giant barbecues and other alfresco kitchen facilities. Around 15,000 visitors are expected so the diversity and variety will be huge and you can enjoy old favourites and hopefully discover new culinary delights and flavours.

Learn Why There’s A Cult Of Street Food In Paris

Street food is an idea almost as old as streets themselves. Eating this way offers a wonderful means of truly getting to know the place you are visiting. Tempting and delicious snacking on the fly has now caught on in Paris big time. The land of haute cuisine has thoroughly succumbed to the cheeky and delightful temptation of street food and adapted it with her customary style, inventiveness and panache. The Temple Street Food event will show you how.

There will be 20 food trucks offering a variety of appealing fare, and 30 vendors demonstrating a dozen or more methods of preparing food on the streets. City streets worldwide, from Singapore to Taiwan and from Japan to Belgium, will be recreated to take you to the heart of that country’s culinary customs. There will also be a programme of workshops, concerts and shows to keep you entertained while you eat. Local traders will also be offering their very own vision of street food adapted from their usual menu and signature dishes. With so much to tempt your tastebuds, how can you resist?

Temple Street Food :  from 19 to 21 September 2014

  • Carreau du Temple : 4 rue Eugène Spuller 75003, Paris
  • Phone : 01 83 81 93 30
  • Métro : Temple (line 3) ou République (line 3, 5, 8, 9, 11)

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