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The Best Glaciers in Paris: A Gourmet Journey

Categories : Flavors and Gastronomy, published on : 6/5/24

When summer arrives in Paris, the quest for the perfect artisanal ice cream becomes a true urban adventure. This exclusive guide, ideal for Hotel Les Plumes guests, points you in the direction of the must-visit Parisian ice cream parlors, where tradition and innovation meet.

1. Berthillon: The Icon of Île Saint-Louis

Nestled on the picturesque Île Saint-Louis, Berthillon is not just an ice cream parlour; it's a Parisian institution. Connoisseurs come from far and wide for its pure, intense flavors like raspberry sorbet and Madagascar vanilla ice cream. A tasting here is also an opportunity to admire the banks of the Seine, while savoring an artisanal ice cream.

2. Glazed: Audacity and modernity

Just a stone's throw from the Moulin Rouge, Glaces Glazed breaks codes with daring flavors. Flavors like 'Dark Side', a powerful dark chocolate, and 'Highway to Ale', an intriguing blend of beer and praline, attract a young, trendy clientele. The contemporary setting and innovative approach make this a must for thrill-seekers.

3. Amorino: Italian Elegance

With boutiques in the chic districts of Paris, Amorino is synonymous with high-quality Italian ice cream. Each rose-shaped cone is a work of art, with flavors ranging from classic chocolate to more exotic creations like passion fruit.

4. La Tropicale Glacier: Exoticism Guaranteed

Explore unique flavors at La Tropicale Glacier, where creative flavors like coconut milk ice cream and caramelized plantain transport you straight to the tropics. This ice cream parlour offers a refreshing and unexpected culinary experience. Epicurean travelers, welcome!

In Paris, each ice cream shop tells a story of passion and expertise. By exploring these addresses, you'll add a gourmet dimension to your stay at Hôtel Les Plumes, with memories as delicious as they are unforgettable, while taking advantage of a summer offer of a 20% discount for a stay between July 1 and September 8 inclusive.


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