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The cabaret: your romantic outing in Paris

Categories : Entertainment, published on : 1/1/23

Spanning fashions and eras, the Parisian cabaret remains a form of entertainment that simply must be experienced. Whether you are more into tradition and the French cancan, whether you like sensual and surprising shows or whether you are looking for the rascally humour of popular Paris, the Hotel Les Plumes team will be able to recommend the cabaret that will provide you with the perfect evening for two on Valentine's Day.


The Paris of cabarets

Want to enjoy a timeless classic show? Then go to the Moulin-Rouge. Less than a 20-minute walk from the Hotel Les Plumes, the world-famous venue welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere. You will feel the presence of Toulouse-Lautrec, La Goulue and Valentin le désossé… key players in the Paris of the Belle Époque. Or, you might prefer the Paradis Latin, where a dazzling array of costumes and scenes staged and choreographed by Kamel Ouali carries on the cabaret tradition while bringing a beautiful touch of modernity.


A very Parisian evening

Each cabaret has its own personality. Why not opt, for example, for the beauty and sensuality of the Crazy Horse girls? Enjoy an enchanting aesthetic, breathtaking tableaux and an atmosphere guaranteed to raise the temperature. Elsewhere, you can celebrate the art of drag when Chez Michou welcomes you to the kingdom of cross-dressing performers! Sequins, rhinestones and burlesque humour add to the dazzling spectacle. Finally, if you like lyrical singing, there’s only one address: the Bel Canto. The service and the show are provided by trained singers who perform the classical repertoire. A convivial ambiance and superb artistry!


At the Hotel Les Plumes, the rooms evoke the tumultuous loves of the greats of 19th century French literature. Will you spend your Valentine's Day under the auspices of George (Sand) and Alfred (de Musset), Paul (Verlaine) and Arthur (Rimbaud) or Juliette (Drouet) and Victor (Hugo)? Book today!


Paradis Latin
Crazy Horse
​Chez Michou

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