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The popular, offbeat, unmissable Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival

Categories : Events, published on : 9/5/19

Paris plays host to countless cultural, sporting, commercial, and artistic events that take place throughout the year. However, there is one that the Plumes Hotel team is particularly pleased to recommend; the Fête des Vendanges in Montmartre (Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival).


Some great reasons to participate in the Grape Harvest Festival

This festival is the third ranked event in Paris by number of participants, and it’s easy to see why! First, since its beginnings in 1934, the occasion has become a real institution that Montmartre locals as well as numerous Parisians from other districts would miss for nothing in the world. Then, it offers something for everyone, even children. For example, it has a snack which has been created especially for the young ones. It is also extremely diverse, presenting artistic performances, giant picnics, tastings, concerts and much more. Last but not least, this festival celebrates the preservation of the famous Clos de Montmartre, the last vineyard in Paris!


Your guide to the Grape Harvest Festival

Your Hotel Les Plumes is only a ten-minute walk from the Montmartre district and the hill’s famous steps where, every day of the festival from October 9th to 13th, you can enjoy the Montée Chromatique, a magnificent open-air performance by street artists of the SV collective. The Festival’s events are free, including concerts, but often require advance booking because the number of places is limited. Please don’t hesitate to ask the Hotel Les Plumes team for advice or simply check out the Fête des Vendanges website.

Every year, the Clos Montmartre grape harvests are the occasion for five days of festivities in which the ebullient spirit of the district is expressed warmly and heartily. Inclusiveness, diversity, openness to the world, popular spirit; all combine to make it one of the favourite events of Parisians...



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