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The secret covered passages of Paris

Categories : Hotel, Visit Paris, published on : 12/8/17

For a more enjoyable visit to Paris in the heart of winter, allow yourself to be guided towards good deals and great addresses by your experienced team at Les Plumes Hotel. The capital's covered passages are among our suggestions; these unique, character-filled spaces invite you to enjoy an original and rewarding walk just a few steps from the hotel.


Elegance and character


Iron structures with glass canopies, two-tone marble pavements and wooden window shutters that open to reveal prestigious shops, the Parisian passages are places of refinement and distinction. The very beautiful Galerie Vivienne close to the Palais-Royal is a perfect example, as are the Jouffroy and Panoramas passages which offer a diverse selection of typically Parisian shops.  Lovers of beautiful interior architecture and a calm setting will enjoy the Véro-Dodat Gallery close to the Louvre with its workshops and designer boutiques.


Enjoy a change of scenery


Enter unexpected worlds as you step into some of the oldest covered passageways in the capital. Passage Brady in the 10th arrondissement takes you on an exotic journey. You'll immediately sense the flavours of India, Mauritius or Reunion that combine to create an inviting and intoxicating atmosphere where music and heady aromas allow you to forget the cold Parisian winter. Another change of scenery awaits at the Passage du Caire or Cairo Passage in the heart of the Sentier district. The oldest and narrowest passage in the capital, its façades are full of enchanting architectural features and it's now home to a fascinating sector of the textile industry.


Lose yourself in the covered passages of Paris close to Les Plumes Hotel. They're ideal for window shopping or a gourmet break and they’re an invitation to travel to far off lands.