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Les Plumes Hotel

The transformation of Gare du Nord into a Nightclub

Categories : Events, published on : 6/30/15

If your stay at Les Plumes Hotel includes the night of July 11th to 12th, you will be on hand to experience one of the biggest musical events of the year in Paris as the Gare du Nord is replaced by a giant disco.

Concept and origin

The idea evolved from collaboration between the Silent Events Company and SNCF.   Silent Events Company will organise the festival, while SNCF is responsible for the privatisation of 4,000 m2 of the North Station.   The station will be transformed into a dance floor that can accommodate approximately 3,000 revellers, all ready to dance the night away to the sound of their favourite music from 23:30 to 5:30 am. Trains scheduled to arrive during the night will be re-routed to an alternative terminal, leaving platforms 1 to 14 free.  In addition, on the night the Eurostar space will welcome VIP guests who have been invited for the occasion.

As well as the unusual venue, the event also promises to be unique. It's the brainchild of "Silent Events", and as the company name suggests, this will be a silent disco.  In order to achieve this, headphones will be lent to participants on entry. The goal? To immerse participants in a nightclub environment through lighting and effects, with no disruption or annoyance to local residents.  The event manager also sees it as an innovative way to  facilitate meetings by ensuring that dialogue is possible once the headset is removed.

Choice of music

The headsets provided will allow guests to switch from one type of music to another if they so wish. To further ensure a thrilling evening,  renowned DJs including Cut Killer, the Scratch Specialists, Mum's Deejay and Aazar will offer a wide range of musical styles such as hip-hop, electro, funk, etc.

Picture credits: ignis

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