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Tricking the eye exhibition Paris - the art of illusion

Categories : Exhibitions and Museums, published on : 8/26/13

Tricking the eye exhibition Paris at the prestigious Les Arts Decoratifs in the Rue de Rivoli is a fabulous feast of illusion and optical art. Combine your visit with a stay at Les Plumes Hotel , where you'll be delighted to discover the concept of historical artifice in an elegant and refined setting.

Tricking the eye exhibition in Paris takes you on a journey of discovery

The prestigious study gallery in Les Arts Decoratifs is the stage for an exciting presentation of trompe l'oeil, pastiches and subterfuge which will leave you looking at the world in a new way.

What is real? This magical retrospective takes imitation and sham to a new level with everyday objects such as wallpapers or tiles designed to look like something they are not. Look at everything from another angle and wonder.

A substance may hide another. Many of the objects on display were designed originally to imitate other more expensive mediums, such as wood painted and lacquered to resemble marble, or glazed ceramic made to fool the eye into believing it's gold. Though an economically driven artifice at its outset, this art form quickly became a much valued form in its own right.

See some of these wonderful pieces for yourself, as you journey through shadow to light through an evocative 'fake' Period Room. This rare collection of works which has previously only been seen on rare occasions allows you to enter the world of sublime illusion in an optical fantasy brought to life.

Les Plumes Hotel is an inspirational choice for Tricking the Eye exhibition in Paris

Les Plumes Hotel is well versed in the art of illusion. Our charming hotel harks back to a more elegant and refined age and even the staff are dressed in period costume. It is conveniently close to the Metro and just a few stops from this innovative exhibition at Les Art Decoratifs, as well as most of the main attractions and sights of Paris.

Our friendly staff are always happy to provide directions or recommendations to enhance your trip. Combine your foray into artifice and illusion with a stay at the stylish Les Plumes Hotel for a full and thrilling experience.


Picture copyright holder : Trompe-l'oeil, swimming pool by Dimitri Parant, wikimedia.org