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Valentine's Day 2016 ... at Les Plumes Hotel

Categories : Hotel, published on : 1/19/16

February 14th is an essential yearly milestone; it’s when Cupid is most conducive to romantic dreams and the happiness of lovers everywhere, and when Valentine, patron saint of lovers, watches over couples. The very special atmosphere is your chance to have some fun. Fortunately for all couples, Les Plumes Hotel will mark the day in its own inimitable way to provide you with an unforgettable stay in the heart of Paris, the most romantic city in the world.

When the City of Light became the capital of lovers

Romanticism still has a bright future ahead. Curiously, there are certain places where romance is expressed more intensely than elsewhere. We all know some; it could be a generic place like a clearing in a forest where we can stroll hand in hand and contemplate the stars, or that perfect hotel room! But it’s also present in Paris, one of the world’s cultural capitals and where the heart of all of French people beats as one.  You’ll find everything you want in one of the most romantic cities in the universe, architectural wonders, good restaurants where you can linger over intimate meals, and beautiful spaces for long walks. Living and being in love in a city that’s filled with history – what a privilege!

A little help from Les Plumes Hotel

There are several ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But the best is still our way: a chilled half-bottle of Laurent-Perrier Champagne (the ideal way to create that fizzing sensation!), a rose petal heart drawn on your bedspread for your arrival and a ‘Love Box’ filled with surprises. And all for just € 60 for one night. This offer is valid from February 11th to February 15th to allow you to plan a fabulous holiday weekend!