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Versailles Palace : a masterpiece in the history of France

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 7/19/13

The Versailles Palace is renowned for being an exquisite masterpiece, significant in the history of France. This stunning piece of architecture which is located in the wealth filled Versailles suburb in Paris is a key attraction for this visiting this wonderful city. If you are staying in Les Plumes Hotel, you will have access to this site within the hour if you travel by public transport.

This vast palace provides accommodation fit for a king, with it's astounding architecture, wonderfully maintained, beautiful grounds and many pieces of stonework and historical artistic pieces to be viewed. The view from around the grounds of the palace is breath-taking too, so all in all, this is a wonderful place to visit and should be high up on your travel schedule.

What is there to see at the Versailles Palace in Paris

During the year of 2013, the Versailles Palace is creating a tribute celebration of the life and works of André Le Nôtre. He was the designer and creator of the gardens surrounding the palace. This celebration marks the 400th year since André was born. His exceptional skills in architecture and landscaping are being showcased in a number of events and restoration exhibitions; this would be the perfect time to admire the Versailles palace and grounds, picking up the historical dialogue on the way.

Visitors can attend one of the beautiful musical water shows, here they can explore the gardens and coves and be lost in an ancient and tranquil world of this historical setting; the themed music will create a superb setting for the experience. There will also be various other performances on display during this period too, so the entertainment value is going to be high; be sure not to miss out.

Les Plumes Hotel promotes the Versailles Palace as a great day out

Les Plumes Hotel is a stylish and beautiful hotel; it is located inside of a one hour journey of the palace. Our hotel is perfect for the modern day guest, who is looking for peace, tranquillity, friendly service and assistance in any matter. The friendly and professional staff are one hand to help ensure your stay at Les Plumes Hotel is second to none.


Picture copyright holder : Flick'r.com - Photostream Sybarite48 - Photographe Daniel Jolivet