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Visit the Museum of Romantic Life during your stay in the capital

Categories : Visit Paris, published on : 4/9/16

Paris has been a source of romantic inspiration for centuries, whether literary, cinematic or artistic. If you’re planning a romantic break and romance will be the main theme of your next stay in the French capital, certain activities are a must.

Paris: a romantic Capital

Each year thousands of lovers from around the world choose Paris to realise their dreams of a romantic break par excellence. Its magical atmosphere, impressive monuments and sites like the Seine quays, Montmartre or the Pont Neuf are adored by couples and constitute a vital part of their itinerary. Les Plumes Hotel is the perfect establishment if you want to offer your partner a cosy nest and impeccable service. Close to some of the most romantic places in the City of Light, Les Plumes Hotel is a setting worthy of Cupid. For a truly idyllic getaway, some notable activities deserve a place in your schedule.

Activities tailored to couples

There is every reason to include a visit to the Museum of Romantic Life in your calendar and it’s just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.  With its garden and greenhouse, this museum is quite unlike any other, and it brings together a large number of art collections whose major theme is Love with a capital L. Concerts and various events also take place at various times during the year. For an outing that combines the cultural aspect of love with the charm of a romantic stroll, the Museum of Romantic Life is a great addition to your romantic experience and is highly recommended by Les Plumes Hotel. For your added enjoyment, you’ll also find references to the legendary George Sand hidden all over the hotel.

Picture credits: Wikipédia - Velvet